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Take That

James Harden helps rally the Rockets in the second half, finishing with 32 points and 7 assists in a 115-109 win over the Clippers. Series tied 1-1 | Highlights | Paul (hamstring) out again

LeBron's Cavs Bounce Back

Cleveland's catalyst gets locked in, leading the home team over the Bulls 106-91.

Inside the NBA: Shaqtin' A Fall

During Wednesday's halftime show, Shaq goes down and tears the desk apart, too.

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Special Playoff Performances

The first round of the playoffs had numerous impressive performances. From Chris Paul's heroics to Harden and Howard getting it done for the Rockets, what was the most special? Read More

Chris Paul's Legacy

Chris Paul has established himself as arguably the best point guard of his generation, but the one missing part of his resume has been postseason success. How will his game 7 shot affect his legacy? Read More

Playoff Storylines

The first round of the playoffs has created great stroylines, from the return of Derrick Rose to Paul Pierce's veteran savvy. What have been the most interesting ones? Read More


Top Plays

Image link to Still lobbin'

Still lobbin'

His squad didn't win, but DeAndre Jordan's dunk sure did.


Inside the NBA

Image link to Touching tribute

Touching tribute

Ernie Johnson gives his Emmy award to Stu Scott's children.


Image link to Handle with care

Handle with care

Watch the best moves of the season from Stephen Curry.

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NBA Pulse

Smitty's Mt. Rushmore

The Starters

Image link to Guards with hops

Guards with hops

Who leads the way when it comes to best point guard dunkers?


Image link to Still cookin'?

Still cookin'?

Will Stephen Curry win multiple Kia MVPs or is this a fluke?

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Playoffs Leaders

Video Box Score


The Rockets and Clippers combined to attempt a staggering 96 free throws Wednesday. Take a look.